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Welcome to Our (currently chaotic) World !!

Like I suspect all good businesses should, we are currently undergoing a significant re-jig of our Business Model and specifically the Services we offer.  And with that will of course be this Make-Over of this Web Site.

So please be a little patient on the way through.

You are still at liberty to explore this “Demolition Zone” and get some sneak Previews of how the new site will look – but much more importantly, a glimpse of what new and different offerings we’ll be incorporating.

We promise these changes will give you the opportunity to improve the POTENCY of your ONLINE offering, we’ll be restricting these services to one client per category/industry/profession in each area, so if you’d like to have first option to this EXCLUSIVITY, complete this simple form and you’ll be first to hear all about these exciting changes;

Obligation Free Reservation

You wouldn’t buy the jam if you didn’t have the bread and butter first...Would you?

Well…. The same principle applies to your online web presence, website and online marketing activities. At OMA we are the bread and butter to establishing your online presence. We recognize the need to have not only a fully functioning website; but, one that can be found, one that gives thecorrect information, one that communicates the right message, and one that above all else-GENERATES LEADS. We focus on getting your phone ringing.


What do we mean by the BASICS?

At Online Marketing Australia we focus on getting the integral online activities done for you, cutting out the expensive unnecessary costs of that many marketing companies push, and focus on the activities that will work for you and your small business.

Our mission is to serve small to medium enterprises and contractors with fully functional websites that spark interest, is informative and most of all generates leads and gets your phones ringing.


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